The Encampment Toronto 2012
The Balloons
The Greatest Show
The Balloons
The Encampment Ottawa 2008
Sound Designs by Sokoloski
Requiems for the Part Girl
ELOD Spoke Gallery 2013
The Encampment Toronto 2012
Kopernikus 2000-1
Funhouse Nuit Blanche 2012
Dada ReBoot Program
Jolie Fejer - Dada ReBoot!
The Encampment Ottawa 2008
Funhouse Nuit Blanche 2012
All The Artists Art Toronto 2013
Death of Virgil 1999
The Encampment Toronto 2012
Death of Virgil Toronto 1999
Futurism Today Toronto 2012
DadaReBoot Toronto 2012
The Scarecrows Huntsville ON 2013
VacantGoddess London On 1990
Kafka in Love 2003
The Encampment NYC 2007
Down Here on Earth 1996
Hermes Trismegistos 1992
Electric Flesh Lyon 1999
The Balloons Ottawa 2006
All The Artists Art Toronto 2013

“Any revolutionary project today, whether utopian or realistic, must if it is to avoid banality, make the re-appropriation of the body, in association with the re-appropriation of space into a negotiable part of its agenda.” 
The Production of Space
Henri Lefebvre
“Something in the world forces us to think. This something is an object not of recognition but of a fundamental encounter. It may be grasped in a range of affective tones: wonder, love, hatred, suffering. In whichever tone, its primary characteristic is that it can only be sensed. In this sense, it is opposed to recognition.”
Gilles Deleuze
“Ultimately, photography is subversive not when it frightens, repels, or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks.”
Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
Roland Barthes