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The 2008 version of The Encampment in Ottawa incorporated seventy 18th century expeditionary tents referencing the IQ of 70, under which an individual may be considered intellectually disabled. It was presented by the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) in partnership with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and with the support of theOntario arts Council.

This version engaged the public in the national history of intellectual disability in Canadafrom the beginning of 19th century to the present. The process included Installation Creation Workshops with partnering organizations in seven cities (Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Moncton, Winnipeg, Vancouver and White Horse). The history included the British transfer of patients from its over-flowing asylums to the east coast of Canada in the 1800’s, establishment of isolated communities outside of urban centres, institutionalization, family and governmental treatment, alienation and individual challenges past and present.

Over 150 public participants nation-wide were involved, exclusive of the National Capital Commission staff and volunteers. 7,000 people experienced the work on-site during its 3-evening presentation from sunset to midnight.


It was presented at twilight in Major Hill’s Park centrally located between the Parliament Buildings, just on the other side of the Rideau Canal locks, the US Embassy, National Gallery of Canada and the historic Chateau Laurier.





Moncton, New Brunswick

Darren Byers, Normand Robichaud, Teresa Dunnigan, Vian Emery

Vancouver, British Columbia

Bara Fallows and Richard MacKenzie, Kim Busholtz, Mary Joy Russel, Janet Royko, Susan Wilson, David Cold

Whitehorse, Yukon

Nicolette Little, Janelle Hardy, Tytus Hardy, Stacy Pshyk, Amanda Pshyk, Vicki Wilson

Toronto, Ontario

Leah Burns, Sarah Cooper, Andrew Walker/Angie Wilconsin, Elizabeth Marlin, Shree Tams,  Aisha Sasha John, Kerry Segal, Catherine Hernandez, Emily Thornton, Jeun Lee, Katherine Valenzuela, Lo Bil, Nathaniel G Moore, Tyler Hnatuk, Auriane Sokoloski, Lisa Cristinzo, Andrzej Tarasiuk, Siobhan O’Neill, John Balatka, Peter Park, Larry Bailey, John Devenish, Carolyn Pioro, Karen Bell, Richard McKergow, Emily Hughes, Andrea Alvares

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Valerie Wolburt, Elizabeth Rogers, Irene Maendel, Jannie Messamer and Mandy McSki, Milli Fliag-Hooper, Peggy Monroe, Randy Melnychuk, Rose Flaig, Shirley Levacy, Tanis Moore

Ottawa, Ontario

Bonnie Gilmour, Jack and Linda Jensen, Marie Lugli, Rachel Schmidt, Za Awaskow, Chantal Brillant, Drew Williamson, Jason Lawson, Julia Ramacieri, Sara Jarvis, Joyce Balaz, Jenny Dobson, Melissa Ottway, Max Meehan, Cara McGowan, Ryan Nevitt, Natasha Doyon, LorraineLacoste, Jérémie Bond, Esther Realfe, Anne-Marie Plessers, Guy Legault, Louise Binette, Bill Hitz






McKenzie Art College
New Brunswick Association of Community Living-NBACL
People First(PEI)
Nova Scotia Association of Community Living-NSACL


British Columbia Association of Community Living-BCACL

Yukon Association of Community Living-YACL
Arts Underground
Nakai Theatre


Community Living Toronto-CLT
The Theatre Centre
Shadow Lake Centre


Manitoba Association of Community Living-MACL


Ottawa School of Art
L’Association pour l’intégration sociale d’Ottawa




Canadian Association of Community Living – CACL

National Capital Commission – NCC

Human Resource Sources and Social Development Canada – HRSDC

Ontario Arts Council – OAC



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