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In his first public exhibition of photography, multidisciplinary artist Thom Sokoloski negotiates the ephemera of spatial voids into intimate and articulated situations of contemplation. 


His images are studies in how we permit ourselves to see when looking; each print a palimpsest of visual traces. Composed to examine the apprehension and conditioning of perception, they either invite us to go deeper into our humanism or turn away from it. 

The exhibition includes a narrative of 6 platinum print studies and a selection of 9 digital prints from several other image-based narratives and installations he is developing. 


Thom will be at Imagefoundry this coming weekend; Friday November 16 from 1-pm to 6-pm and Saturday, November 17 from 1-pm to 6-pm. He is always open to walk through the exhibition to discuss the process, narratives and techniques. Questions are welcomed. 


For all other times, and since Imagefoundry will be open during weekdays, you are most welcomed to stop by. An exhibition 2-pager is available at the entrance.

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