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LISTENING TO THE WALLS is a site-specific interactive installation inspired by the memories of the Lowville community. CONCEIVED in the tradition of a community ‘BARN-RAISING’, the public is invited to participate in a ‘MEMORY-RAISING‘– so that the participants can build and share an ORAL HISTORY around Lowville; including but not limited to its Park, Barn, Schoolhouse, Bronte Creek, Social Life, History, Love, Secrets, etc.

*The yellow vertical rectangles on the barn represent the positioning of the participant portraits (preliminary draft).

Adorning the upper walls of the barn will be up to 30 PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS* of the STORYTELLERS, and below them will be designated areas where the public can cup a hand, place an ear and listen to the voices behind the walls tell their stories from within!


'Listening to the Walls' was created around the barn in Lowville Park and was free and open through the month of October 2019.


The installation was part of the City of Burlington’s Culture Days; a commission from the City of Burlington Public Art with the support of Lowville Park and community participants.

IMG_20190929_1747397 (2).jpg

If you happen to be visiting Lowville Park and at the barn to visit 'Listening to the Walls', the installation was taken down at the end of October 2019, however you can still listen to the stories below while walking through the park.

Once you start a story, hold your phone

against a barn wall... then let the voices speak! 

David Vollick

John Kelly Cuthbertson

Brenda Byers

John Wesselson

Suzanne Birchell

Bob Tadman

Barbara Vollick

Jean Ryan

Sue Ramsey

I would like to thank all the participants for their time and commitment to explore and tell the stories of Lowville, especially

The Burlington Storytellers Guild


John Kelly Cuthbertson

Just one more question...

If you would like to share a story, memory, history or even an old photograph of Lowville, and participate in a 'memory-raising't of the oral and visual history of Lowville feel free to contact us here

We will be happy to post and credit you.

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